Monthly Archives: February 2016


Well it looks like spring is arriving, the daffodils are blooming, and windows are starting to open! The home has been very busy with lots going on, we are in the process of painting and decorating, so we apologise for any inconvience caused to anyone.

Wendy jones has now retired  after working for us for 20 years! We all wish her well and hope she enjoys her retirement.

One of the biggest changes we have made, is to go computerised with all our care plans and records it is fantastic, but is taking us sometime to get used to it and to use it to it’s full capacity! this means that  there will be new Care Plans for all residents, so these will need to be read by you ( if you are the advocate or have POA) and signed.

Mother’s day is on the 6th March. Please could you let us know if you are taking your Mother out. Thank you.