Monthly Archives: June 2020

Summer is here!

Wow just started writing Summer is here and the skies opened up, and it is pouring buckets! and I can now hear thunder! so looks like maybe summer has passed! All I can say is the garden needs it! Our rear garden is looking beautiful, and the roses are the best ever, as you walk down the drive you can smell them! beautiful, one of the best smells of summer, along with the smell of the sea and fish and chips!

We have now been in lock down for 13 weeks on Friday! and we are all starting to get a bit of cabin fever, and are feeling the need for families to visit again, with this in mind we have sent out e-mails and letters describing how we might achieve this in a safe controlled way, working with the residents staff and families. I think the residents are getting fed up of the same faces and only seeing their family and friends on face time or talking to them on the telephone or seeing them through glass. We are doing our best to keep them entertained, but I actually think they find it funnier watching us  trying to get them to join in! But we will persevere, never give in is the moto today!

We have had a wonderful lunch, Beef Bourgogne, new potatoes, creamed cabbage, French beans and broccoli followed by Lemon and raspberry roulade all homemade by our lovely chef Stephen and all produce from local providers. It is a great time to get together (staff eat with the residents) and talk about the outside world and the memories it brings back to the residents. We have joined a facebook page “Hayling Island then and now,” which has had some amazing photos of Hayling past and present and we have even found school photos of residents on there as well as staff, this has caused a lot of laughter and memories, I even learnt that one resident was born in house I now live in! fascinating especially as she is 103 and has told me so much about the history of the house which was built in 1884.

So although we have been in our bubble! we have managed to have good times and enjoy it, we have managed to continue giving our residents the high quality of care they deserve, and look forward to a brighter future.