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Summer is here!

Wow just started writing Summer is here and the skies opened up, and it is pouring buckets! and I can now hear thunder! so looks like maybe summer has passed! All I can say is the garden needs it! Our rear garden is looking beautiful, and the roses are the best ever, as you walk down the drive you can smell them! beautiful, one of the best smells of summer, along with the smell of the sea and fish and chips!

We have now been in lock down for 13 weeks on Friday! and we are all starting to get a bit of cabin fever, and are feeling the need for families to visit again, with this in mind we have sent out e-mails and letters describing how we might achieve this in a safe controlled way, working with the residents staff and families. I think the residents are getting fed up of the same faces and only seeing their family and friends on face time or talking to them on the telephone or seeing them through glass. We are doing our best to keep them entertained, but I actually think they find it funnier watching us  trying to get them to join in! But we will persevere, never give in is the moto today!

We have had a wonderful lunch, Beef Bourgogne, new potatoes, creamed cabbage, French beans and broccoli followed by Lemon and raspberry roulade all homemade by our lovely chef Stephen and all produce from local providers. It is a great time to get together (staff eat with the residents) and talk about the outside world and the memories it brings back to the residents. We have joined a facebook page “Hayling Island then and now,” which has had some amazing photos of Hayling past and present and we have even found school photos of residents on there as well as staff, this has caused a lot of laughter and memories, I even learnt that one resident was born in house I now live in! fascinating especially as she is 103 and has told me so much about the history of the house which was built in 1884.

So although we have been in our bubble! we have managed to have good times and enjoy it, we have managed to continue giving our residents the high quality of care they deserve, and look forward to a brighter future.


VE day May 2020

Well VE day has come and gone, and we managed to have a lovely celebration with lots of memories and laughter, even though we were very few. We painted banners to hang on the walls curtesy of Creative Mojo and with the help of residents and staff. We had lots of bunting and flags everywhere and it looked lovely with our rainbow banner and Rainbow bunting. We had a lovely lunch of Fish and Chips and the memories just flowed, most of the residents were 13/15 at the end of the war and were laughing at the memories that stayed with them and where they were at that time. We talked about rationing and growing vegetables and keeping chickens, as well as the role of the Royal Family through out the war years. I think we all learned something new! In the afternoon we had Music with Miranda as she had very kindly made us a CD with all her songs on.

We are all managing very well and have adapted to the different ways of working, but boy do we all need a Hairdresser!!!

Stay safe.

Life under lockdown!

Well life has certainly changed over the last few months, but we are settling in to it. The first week was very stressful, working out how we can do things in a safe and professional way and of course everyone’s stress levels were very high both staff and residents. We were very lucky as we had a supply of PPE already in as well as hand sanitizer and bacterial soap. But we are now in the fourth week and everything has settled down and actually we are all quite enjoying the peace and slower pace. The staff have been amazing as usual, I am so very proud of them all, they have embraced all the new ways of working.

We have been doing facetime calls, and the residents all received a letter from Mill Rythe Infant School which they loved and are all wanting to write back. These letters were wonderful evoking lots of laughter and memories. We have painted our sign for Keyworker’s and have hung it form the balcony along with rainbow bunting, which we have also hung at the end of the drive.  We enjoy the clapping at 8pm on Thursday’s especially when a neighbour calls out “We are clapping for you!” It is lovely to be recognised.

We have a beautiful resident who plays the keyboard and the favourite song at the moments is “Busy doing Nothing”!

So we miss our visitors and the hustle and bustle and we certainly miss the Hairdresser! But we are coping. So please bear with us, We understand it is difficult not visit but please don’t.

Stay safe and strong.


Please be aware that at the moment we are closed to all visitors this is to ensure the health of our elderly residents.

We welcome letters, postcards, phone calls and  e-mails – we will print off your letter and any photographs you wish to send. We can also arrange facetime calls for you.


Christmas 2016

Well it has crept up again! Where has the year gone, if anyone finds it please let me know!!
It is a really busy time here with lots going on! We had our Christmas Party on Sunday with lots of amazing food. A big thank you to Nicky, Debbie and of course me!! resonsible for the sausage rolls and Coffee cake yummy and also to Glenys for her Hazelnut Meringue and Stephen for the Chocolate Brownies and of course a big thank you to Mirandas Music who played all the favourite Christmas Songs as well as to everybody who came it was lovely to see everyone looking so smart and great Christmas Jumpers.
Yesterday we had the local playgroup come in and sing for us, they were superb very well behaved with beautiful voices and an appitite for chocolate biscuits.
Please remember you are always welcome to come and join in any of the activities the monthly list is always just inside the front door on the wall.
We do have a new security system in place so you will now have to ring the bell and wait to be admitted, we are sorry if it takes a while to answer the door, but sometimes the staff are busy with a resident so please be patient.
Please remember if you have any concerns about anything just let us know and it will be dealt with quickly, if we don’t know we can’t do anything about it!
Please have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year from everyone at Saltmarsh House.


Well it looks like spring is arriving, the daffodils are blooming, and windows are starting to open! The home has been very busy with lots going on, we are in the process of painting and decorating, so we apologise for any inconvience caused to anyone.

Wendy jones has now retired  after working for us for 20 years! We all wish her well and hope she enjoys her retirement.

One of the biggest changes we have made, is to go computerised with all our care plans and records it is fantastic, but is taking us sometime to get used to it and to use it to it’s full capacity! this means that  there will be new Care Plans for all residents, so these will need to be read by you ( if you are the advocate or have POA) and signed.

Mother’s day is on the 6th March. Please could you let us know if you are taking your Mother out. Thank you.



Well it’s that time again, it keeps sneaking up on me! FATHER CHRISTMAS is coming to town!! very exciting.

We have lots of activities going on they are

Music for health on friday 4th.

Tuesday 8th Reflexology in the morning and Mirandas music in the afternoon

Weds 9th Armchair yoga with Kate am and music with John pm

Friday 11th Music for health.


Tuesday 15th Danielle will be playing the harp in the afternoon

On Wednesday 16th we have Gorseway Nursery school performing  their Christmas show at 10.30am (Luca will be starring in this but we are not sure yet what he will be but he would like to be Batman!!!) This will be followed by armchair yoga in the afternoon.

Thursday 17th we have Troubadour performing their Christmas Pantomine “Cinderella” at 2pm everyone is welcome and mince pies etc will be served.

Friday 18th is Music for Health and on Tuesday we have Refexology followed by Miranda’s music.

Please feel free to come and join in any of these activities, we would love to see you

There will be a box in the hall way for you leave  gratuities for the staff.


Toiletries, Shampoo, shower gel, body cream unperfumed.

Slippers with backs, socks and underwear.

All of us at Saltmarsh House wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a very Merry New Year!



Well the leaves are falling and so are the apples! all I can think of is Apple Crumble yummy!!! We have a few trees down the drive so we all eating lots of them, you know what they say! An apple a day keeps the Dr away!! we hope. Everybody is now asking me about CHRISTMAS! i keep telling them that it is only October, and they just tell me i only have 8 weeks until christmas, so i promise after Halloween and bonfire night i will find a date for our fantastic Christmas Party.

This morning Kate came in and did a class of armchair Yoga, it was so lovely to see a room full of ladies streching their arms and giggling brilliant. Miranda (music) had to cancel yesterday as both her children are in the panto at the Kings this year amazing, but I am sure they will be in to give us a chance to see what they are doing. Danielle the harpist will be in on the 26th November.

Troubadour will be here on the 5th November at 2pm and their Christmas show will be on December17th at 2pm if you wish to come and watch you are very welcome.

For all of you who brought the Breast cancer raffle tickets, the draw is tonight, so thank you and good luck.


Good Afternoon,

Well Easter is nearly here, I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of Chocolate!! or red wine what ever your preference is!!

We have changed some of the beds, so now all residents have electric beds, this makes life a lot more comfortable for both residents and staff, enabling us to move and handle safely.

If you are taking your family mamber out at Easter please can you let us know, so we can ensure they are ready for you.

There are some pink raffle tickets for sale in the hall, please buy some!!!! The prize is a beautiful king size quilt made by 40 members of Island Piecemakers who range in age from 14 – 92 years old! The money for this is for Breast Cancer Care please put the money for the tickets into the Breast cancer collecting box. If you don’t want a raffle ticket, please put a donation in the box XXXXXXXX

On Thursday 2nd April, Troubadour will be coming to do their Easter performance, you are very welcome to come and watch it starts at 2pm.

Please remember we do have a very robust complaints procedure. If you do have any concerns please don’t hesitate to let Karen or Rebecca know.

Happy Easter from Karen, Rebacca and all the staff at Saltmarsh House.

The Daffodils are starting to bloom!

Well spring is on the way, we have some daffodils blooming and Paulette (gardener) is back at work! The fence in the back garden has been completed, and looks very smart, which has pleased George. The staff have completed their Infection Control training, so a big thank you to them for attending as we know it can be difficult, juggling family and work.

Miranda has been in this afternoon playing the saxophone, it was lovely everyone singing along and the sun shinning!

For those of you who are not aware, I have been involved in making a large pink quilt for Breast Cancer Care, raffle tickets are for sale in the hallway, and a poster will be displayed of the quilt  when its finished!! nearly there. Some of the residents have been very interested, and I have been bringing it in in various stages, their encouragement has been very welcome.

Troubadour will be in on Thursday 2nd April with their show ” A Truly Egg-citing Easter” showing at 2pm. popcorn will be provided.