Well the leaves are falling and so are the apples! all I can think of is Apple Crumble yummy!!! We have a few trees down the drive so we all eating lots of them, you know what they say! An apple a day keeps the Dr away!! we hope. Everybody is now asking me about CHRISTMAS! i keep telling them that it is only October, and they just tell me i only have 8 weeks until christmas, so i promise after Halloween and bonfire night i will find a date for our fantastic Christmas Party.

This morning Kate came in and did a class of armchair Yoga, it was so lovely to see a room full of ladies streching their arms and giggling brilliant. Miranda (music) had to cancel yesterday as both her children are in the panto at the Kings this year amazing, but I am sure they will be in to give us a chance to see what they are doing. Danielle the harpist will be in on the 26th November.

Troubadour will be here on the 5th November at 2pm and their Christmas show will be on December17th at 2pm if you wish to come and watch you are very welcome.

For all of you who brought the Breast cancer raffle tickets, the draw is tonight, so thank you and good luck.