Here we go!

October is here and the heating is on! We are having a lovely time watching the changing colours in the garden and the squirrels running along the fence. It has been really hard with the dreaded covid but we havent gone back into lockdown thank goodness, family visits are so very important to the wellbeing of our residents and we are hoping we will not have to close, but it depends how the virus spreads in the winter months.
We are all keeping busy, we are now having the Hairdresser in weekly and have added her to our weekly covid testing to ensure we are safe, we are also the only home she does now which is great. The Chiropodist is able to visit as well as we have set up safe conditions and full PPE for her.
We are still not having any entertainers in but Joan is still playing the keyboard and we are attempting to sing along with her!!
We might have to produce our own Christma Panto which will be challenging!
Facetime, and whatsapp are all still being used so we are keeping in touch.
Take care everyone and stay safe.