Life under lockdown!

Well life has certainly changed over the last few months, but we are settling in to it. The first week was very stressful, working out how we can do things in a safe and professional way and of course everyone’s stress levels were very high both staff and residents. We were very lucky as we had a supply of PPE already in as well as hand sanitizer and bacterial soap. But we are now in the fourth week and everything has settled down and actually we are all quite enjoying the peace and slower pace. The staff have been amazing as usual, I am so very proud of them all, they have embraced all the new ways of working.

We have been doing facetime calls, and the residents all received a letter from Mill Rythe Infant School which they loved and are all wanting to write back. These letters were wonderful evoking lots of laughter and memories. We have painted our sign for Keyworker’s and have hung it form the balcony along with rainbow bunting, which we have also hung at the end of the drive.  We enjoy the clapping at 8pm on Thursday’s especially when a neighbour calls out “We are clapping for you!” It is lovely to be recognised.

We have a beautiful resident who plays the keyboard and the favourite song at the moments is “Busy doing Nothing”!

So we miss our visitors and the hustle and bustle and we certainly miss the Hairdresser! But we are coping. So please bear with us, We understand it is difficult not visit but please don’t.

Stay safe and strong.