Spring is coming!

We have had a busy time here at Saltmarsh House, what with Valentines day and Shrove Tuesday! For Valentines day we made chocolate truffles they were delicious, but boy were they messy we were all covered in chocolate lovely! One resident enjoyed them so much he was eating them before we could get the toppings on! They all looked so lovely, we put them in bags for the families and other residents to enjoy as well as staff and visiting nurses.

For Shrove Tuesday we had pancakes with lots of different toppings, But the favourite is still Lemon and sugar!

We are still having visitors in the pod, but as we are in lock down we did have to keep it to one member for each family, we can not wait until we can open up fully and really hope this will happen soon. Some residents and staff are still awaiting their second vaccination. But touch wood we have not had any Covid Cases! fingers crossed many times.

We are still doing Facetime calls and Zoom calls as there are some amazing events to join in or to watch.